Tiger Eye Jewelry
Tiger Eye Jewelry is a classic as well as modern appeal. We offer one of the exciting collection of Tiger Eye Jewelry. here you can find handmade and handcrafted tiger eye jewelry and tiger eye beads made in 925 sterling silver jewelry. we have special category of variety of tiger eye. First section is tiger eye rings. A large collection of tiger eye rings which has modern in style and unique rings. And second one is Tiger eye earring collection. You can find tiger eye studs jewelry and long chandelier earring of tiger eye. Adorn your wrist with amazing tiger eye bracelet which simply attract every one attention towards you. We have Tiger Eye jewelry collection for both Men and Women. Tiger Eye Jewellery is perfect for Any occasion and event with any our fit. It gives a natural look to you. Tiger Eye Jewelry gives you more confidence and courage for your Aim. Tiger Eye is Also called as Falcons Eye Hawk’s Eye. Red Tiger Eye, cheery tiger eye. Often mentioned as bringing Luck and Wealth so gift your love one and dear one with this great Silver Tiger Eye Jewelry. Tigereye or Tigers Eye or Tiger’s Eye is Yellow to Reddish Brown color Gemstone with Eye Type of effect. It is a Varity of Quartz. Normally Tiger Eye is Cut as Cabochon only as to shows it Luster and Eye effect (chatoyancy). The Main Source of Tigers Eye is From South Africa and Australia. The Main Use of Tiger Eye it make Silver Jewelry. it is Called Silver Tigereye Jewelry. Due to its origin it is also called as African Cat’s Eye. In simple Word Tiger Eye is oriented fibres of crocidolite that have been replaced by silica. As from name itself shows Tiger Eye shows similar Eye Effect of Real Tiger. You can give Tigereye on 9th Anniversary.

To Take Care of Tiger eye is simply use of soft cloth and protect it from Scratches. From Long time in history it is believe that Tiger Eye Gems protect a person. Tiger Eye also help in High Blood pressure. Tiger Eye also help in to get focused in mind. Tiger Eye Jewelry is Birthstone Jewelry of Gemini. It is also known as Tiger Iron. Tiger Eye is composed of red jasper and black hematite. There are Various Shades of Tiger Eye from red, green, yellow, and blue. Tiger Eye is Also a great for business. Tiger Eye quartz is often heat treated. It has the grounding energy of the earth. Handmade Tiger Eye pendant and Chunky Style and Tribal and Ethnic look of Tigereye Necklace is simply a Wow in your Silver Jewelry collection. A nice Crown color is so magnificent that it adds thousand time charms to you. In your modern Attire you must have a tiger Eye Beads String with you. Either use this Tigereye beads as a chain for your pendant or just use it as a wrist or silver belt. We have some thing for ever one in our tiger eye jewellery collection. Please browns thoroughly .we also welcome suggestion to improve our tiger eye website.
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